The Secret of Visualization

Visualization can be extremely empowering.  The result is amazing and I attempt to use it all the time.

The thing most people don’t understand about visualization is that there is, in fact, logic behind it.  I’ll do my best to attempt to explain it.

When you visualize something, whether it be getting married, having kids,  becoming president of your company, or even ruling the world, you’re actually tricking yourself into believing that whatever it is you’re visualizing is actually a possibility.

When you think something isn’t possible, it’s a wrap.  You’re absolutely right.  It’s not possible.

If you visualize something, you’re seeing yourself accomplish that which might seem totally implausible.  If you keep convincing yourself that it is in fact possible…then by all means the sky is the limit.

Once you truly believe that something is, in fact, possible,  you start taking steps towards achieving that which you’ve visualized.  This is often times done subconsciously.

Doubt is the ultimate dream killer.  If you desire to rule the world, but you doubt that you’ll ever be able to do it…then you’ll stop yourself dead in your tracks from getting on the train that takes you to the “world ruling academy” as it passes right in front of you.

On the other hand, if you truly believe that it is in fact possible that you may someday rule the world, you’ll have the confidence to be first in line to get on that train.

The further along you go, the more confidence you’ll get, and what once seemed totally implausible…can eventually become very very possible.  It happens ALL THE TIME!

The trick is to totally convince yourself into believing that whatever it is that you so desire…is in fact…possible.

That’s “The Secret”

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